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Tirur Nambissan

Tirur Nambissan, famous Kathakali singer,Tirur Nambissan born at Tirur, Malappuram Dt. started learning music from the age of 7. He had been schooling at Tirur boys highschool. But he could not continue his school education aswell as music for the unexpected death of whole family members. The boy was shocked later, realising the in born music talent, someone guided him to Kalamandam 'Kalamandalam Neelakandhan Nambissan, Shivaraman Nair, etc.. were the teachers for Kathakali music.

Along with Madambi Subrahmanyan Namboothiri, Hyderaly, Sankaran Embranthiri., he started Kathakali music in Kalamandalam.durig the second year of course itself he & his classmats were invited by Parassini Kaliyogam to perform as 'ponnani'. He completed the 8 year course successfully (with first class). It was the starting of a prominent kathakali musician - Tirur Nambissan.

He realised that it is his duty to keep the precious stone Kathakali, which he got from the great ancestors, without a single sratch. He knew the terrible waves of changing attitudes, in the society. Still he stood on his own stand.he was not ready to compromise in the Kathakali chitta he used manodharmas to empower the bhavas of characters, standing inside the real frame of Kathakali.approval from the hearts of the Kathakali lovers is the great award to his career.

He worked as music teacher in Gandhisevasadanam, Delhi, Bombay, Unnayivariyer Smaraka Kalanilayam, Parassini Kaliyogam, Peringode Kathakalipromotion Society, Kerala Kalamandalam in different periods. Kachery by Kalamandalam Unnikrishnakurup & Tirur Nambissan team is still flowing not through the cassetts But through the river of 'aswadaka manass'.

Nambissan was settled at Sreekrishnapuram with his wife Saudamini Brahmaniamma, son, Mohanan (teacher), Murali (postal dep.), daughter Nalini (teacher). He put his chengila down and went to aniyara for ever. Still we hear the padi, Mohanam, Ananadabhairavi, Sukhamo Devee, Hantha Hantha Hanumane, Somany Padangal, remembering great Nambissan, at the same time, differ from the style of anyone. Please visit

Tirur Nambissan singing for Kathakali
Tirur Nambissan singing for Kathakali

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