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Soorpanakhangam is based on a sequence in 'Ramayanam'. Soorpanakha, a Rakshasa woman came across Rama and Laskshmana while they were staying at Panchavati. Impressed by the elegant features of Rama, she transforms herself into a charming young lady and makes advances towards Rama. His outright refusal leads to raised tempers and Lakshmana disfigures her by cutting the nose and breasts. She reverts back to her demonic appearance and exits in a highly excited mood.

1. Sreerama and Seetha
2. Ammannoor Madhava Chakyar as Ravanan
3. Sreerama, Seetha and Soorpanakha
4. Usha Nangiar as Soorpanakha
5. Usha Nangiar as Soorpanakha
6. Venuji as Lakshmanan and Soorpanakha after the encounter

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 Raja Ravi Varma
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