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Horoscope Matching and Compatibility Check for Perfect Match

Astrology plays a very important role in all aspects of life in Kerala especially in matrimony. Mr.P.R.RamachanderEven with modern day changes in perception of what is right and what is wrong, a Keralite regardless of caste and relegion casts horoscope of the child, approaches the astrologer when he or his family face problems, uses the medium of astrology to ask questions to God (Deva Prasnam) and verifies matching of horoscopes of bride and bridegroom before they marry. In all regions of Kerala, there are famous astrologer families (most often panikkars and thampurans belonging to the royal family) who were doing a selfless; job of social service in providing astrological consultations to all who approached them, for the past several ages. It was with reluctance that this service was commercialised in recent times by these families.

Though the modern day astrology takes it roots from the Rishi Parasaras method as expounded in the 'Vishnu Purana', each region in India places more emphasis on certain points while comparing horoscopes for marriage. For example in Kerala more emphasis is given to Nakshatra Poruttam (With more emphasis on stree deergham and madhyama rajju), Rasi poruttam (with emphasis on shastashtamam), dosha samyam and dasa sandhi. With non availability of adept astrologers near by to consult, in recent times, matching of horoscopes have become a major problem for Keralite families.Added to this fact is some unethical demands by a few professional astrologers.

What is proposed is to provide this facility through the CyberKerala Matrimonial, to those interested in getting horoscopes matched for marriage.

Modus Operandi:
To get information on matching of horoscopes, it is necessary either to
a. Scan the horoscopes of bride and bridegroom and send as an attachment.
b. send the following particulars for both the bride and bridegroom.
1. Date of Birth
2. Birth star (Nakhatram)
3. Janma rasi (Rasi occupied by sun in the rasi chakra)
4. Lagna Rasi (Rasi occupied by Lagna in the rasi chakra)
5. Garba sishta Dasa


List the planets in each of the individual houses numbered (1) to (12) from the rasi chakra in the of the horoscope in running order. The planets are:

English: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Kethu, Lagna and Gulikan (optional)

Malayalam: Ravi (Ra or Su), Chandra (Cha), Kuja (Ku or Cho), Budha (Bhu) Guru (Gu or Vya), Shukra (Shu), Sani (Sa or Ma), Rahu (Ra or Ssa), Kethu (Ke or Shi), Lagna (La) and Gulikan (Gu or Maa).

The information has to be sent to the following address and reply would be sent back within one or two days by E-mail.

Contact E-mail ID: for the FREE Horoscope Match !

Users in India can also write with self addressed stamped envelope to:

002, Abhishek Apartments,
164, I Main, I Block, Koramangala
Bangalore - 560034
Phone 080-25634220

Profile: Mr.P.R.Ramachander is a Keralite post graduate in Mathematics, who has recently retired as principal scientist and Head of Division of Statistics in a large R & D organisation at Bangalore, India would be  doing this service. He is an adept in astrology but not a professional. He has been offering his services for matching horoscopes to large number of people who contact him personally at his residence.

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